She’s like the wind

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Virginia Mayo for Max Factor.
Baji Rao I Peshwa of the Maratha Empire.
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Marshall Field & Company

Baji Rao I was born on August 18, 1700.

Marshall Field founder of Chicago department store chain Marshall Field & Company was born on August 18, 1834.

Artist Alfred Wallis was born on August 18, 1855. 

Australian poet and literary critic Nettie Palmer was born on August 18, 1885.

French singer Lucienne Boyer was born on August 18, 1901.

Max Factor, Jr. of cosmetics empire fame, was born on August 18, 1904.

Blues musician Curtis Jones was born on August 18, 1906. He wrote and recorded Highway 51 in 1938, famously covered by Bob Dylan in 1962.

Also born on August 18th: lots of actors including Robert Redford, 1936; Patrick Swayze, 1952; Edward Norton, 1969; and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, 1970. 

For today

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, August 18th and 19th are the best days to begin logging, set posts, or pour concrete, so if you are in the forestry or construction game, these will be fine days ahead indeed.

Assignment: write the 9th rule of Fight Club

I could sign off here with a predictable Patrick Swayze quote, but frankly, I think too much of you to do that, so instead, I will pick which Ex-President you should be from another of my most favorite movies, Point Break: Who doesn’t want to be Reagan? 

Words to ponder: “Hey, even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.”

Lucienne Boyer – Parlez-Moi D’Amour [1930]

Curtis Jones, Highway 51, 1938