Summing Up:

October 10 has a strange list of holidays including the following feast days of Catholic Saints, Arbor Day in Poland, World National Mental Health Day, and World Porridge Day. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that today is a good day to go camping or straighten hair. Today’s moon is waxing crescent, and the sun and mercury are in Libra. Oh shit, mercury is retrograde and I completely forgot to warn you. Instead of being articulate and understood, you will spend eight more days like the curse of Cassandra, doomed to a world where though given divine foresight, she could not warn others of what she saw coming, as they could neither understand nor believe her. But if it helps, mercury retrograde is only an optical illusion, it doesn’t matter I promise.

Sorry I have disappeared for a while. I have two 10-year-olds who recently started fourth grade, so I have also started fourth grade by default. It is just as tedious as I remember, except now there is also a new form of math that I don’t understand. I will try to keep up. Know that if I miss a day or two, it’s not because I stopped caring about your day, it’s because I am relearning the names of clouds, or solving problems with decimal points.

For tonight: Bela Lugosi’s Dead