Physicist and chemist Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867. No, that’s not her.

It’s not possible to predict the decay of individual radioactive particles, as it is a random process, but the parent nucleus produces a daughter nucleus. The radioactivity of one gram of radium is called a curie, equal to 37 gigabecquerels.

Here is a description of the parent daughter decay process

Also born on November 7th: Leon “Snowball” Trotsky, Albert Camus, and Hiroshi Yamauchi, third president of the Nintendo company, who made the the company a billion dollar enterprise selling video games, where previously it was a small factory that produced hanafuda, Japanese playing cards.

There are twelve suits in hanafuda, representing a month and a flower. November’s flower is a willow. The special card in that suit, worth twenty points, is a man with an umbrella in the rain. Huh, do you think the Guns N Roses song November Rain is really about playing a hand of hanafuda? Because that just came to me and I am rarely wrong with such flashes of sudden insight.

For today: what else do you want? I just gave you 20 points.

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