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Parent Daughter Decay

Physicist and chemist Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867. No, that’s not her.

It’s not possible to predict the decay of individual radioactive particles, as it is a random process, but the parent nucleus produces a daughter nucleus. The radioactivity of one gram of radium is called a curie, equal to 37 gigabecquerels.

Here is a description of the parent daughter decay process

Also born on November 7th: Leon “Snowball” Trotsky, Albert Camus, and Hiroshi Yamauchi, third president of the Nintendo company, who made the the company a billion dollar enterprise selling video games, where previously it was a small factory that produced hanafuda, Japanese playing cards.

There are twelve suits in hanafuda, representing a month and a flower. November’s flower is a willow. The special card in that suit, worth twenty points, is a man with an umbrella in the rain. Huh, do you think the Guns N Roses song November Rain is really about playing a hand of hanafuda? Because that just came to me and I am rarely wrong with such flashes of sudden insight.

For today: what else do you want? I just gave you 20 points.

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