There are so many more to go, but let’s wrap up this portion already.

I am just going to be out with it. I can’t stand Sublime. Have you ever seen the movie Clue? I hope so, and if not go watch it and come back. It’s worth it. Tim Curry is a national treasure (not ours, but whatever). So you know the scene when Madeline Kahn is describing how much she hates Yvette? That’s how I feel about Sublime.

11. Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

JFC. We covered this with yesterday’s U2 entry, but why are these massively popular 80s bands on here??? I like R.E.M., they’re great – wait, did they sing Shiny Happy People? Because that song is surely played in hell. That song is terrible. But off the top of my head Orange Crush, It’s the End of the World, Pop Song 89, What’s the Frequency Kenneth, Drive, Stand. I like all of those songs. A lot even.

But they were not alternative music. Maybe they are included because they came out of Athens, GA and clearly they are important in the history of the genre, but they had six albums in the 1980s and were with a major record label.

They were not an alternative to anything in the 1990s.

If you were wondering, I do not like this song, but I suppose you could have guessed that.

Replace: 50 Pieces – Andrew Bird (Thrills,1998, Ryko)

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12. The Way – Fastball

I have never heard of this song or this band, but it is the late 90s hit apparently, and I was super busy in college, so you can understand. I did listen to it though as part of this review.

Final Verdict: Come on, is this a joke?

Replace: Destination Venus – Man or Astroman? (Your Weight on the Moon,1994, One Louder)

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13. Sex & Candy – Marcy Playground

I genuinely like this song. So did my freshman college roommate, and I owe her this one (if you want to read the comments on the Colby College Radio post, you can see why). You’ll hear more about her later when we get to 311.

Final Verdict: It stays. Sex & Candy – Marcy Playground (Marcy Playground, 1997, Capital)

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14. Santeria – Sublime

Final Verdict: No.

Replace: Room 429 – Cop Shoot Cop (Ask Questions Later, 1993, Big Cat & Interscope Records)

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15. Wonderwall – Oasis

Get real.

Final Verdict: I think we know each other well enough by now to know the answer to this.

Replace: Girls & Boys – Blur (Parklife, 1994, Food)

I didn’t like Blur in the 90s but my radio cohost Kristina did. I texted her in 2021 apologizing and admitting I was wrong. I will stand by my dislike of The Smiths. I know that is blasphemy in some circles, but it’s okay. Anything that makes Morrissey cry will just make him stronger.

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I shall return soon.

Go in peace.

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