July 22nd: Approximate Pies with Spoons

Animation of the act of unrolling a circle’s circumference, illustrating the ratio π. John Reid.

July 22nd is Approximate Pi Day (i.e. 22/7 = 3.14 or approximately π).

While we wait for tomorrow’s full moon, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to eat approximately an entire pie, and make a list of your favorite spoonerisms.

Don’t fool around with electricity.

Maria Spelterini

Stereoscopic image of Maria Spelterini Crossing Niagara Falls, 1876. Photographed by George Curtis. Science Source / New York Public Library

Italian tightrope walker Maria Spelterini became the first and only woman to cross the Niagara gorge on a tightrope. Her first crossing was on July 8, 1876 as part of a U.S. Centennial celebration, and crossed again on July 12th, 19th, and 22nd, backwards with a paper bag over her head and wearing peach baskets on her feet, blindfolded, and with her ankles and wrists manacled respectively.

William Archibald Spooner

William Archibald Spooner as caricatured by Spy (Leslie Ward) in Vanity Fair, April 1898

English Professor William Archibald Spooner was born on July 22, 1844. He is most remembered for mixing up words with often comedic results. His signature turns of phrase are known as spoonerisms.