John T Scopes

Photograph of John Scopes taken one month before the Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial. From the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Famously prosecuted by the State of Tennessee for teaching evolution in a public school classroom, John Thomas Scopes was born on August 3, 1900 in Kentucky.

William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson

Frame from restored version of The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1894/95)

Inventor William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson was born on August 3, 1860. While working for Thomas Edison, he invented the Kinetophone, an early movie camera.  The first film recorded on the Kinetophone is also the first known film with live recorded sound. Called The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1894/95), it features Dickson playing the violin.

Dickson Experimental Sound Film