Christian Egenolff, the Elder

An early printer and publisher, Christian Egenolff, the Elder was born on July 26, 1502.

Plate from “Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentorum ac leguminem” published by Christian Egenolff (1502-1555)
Title page of “Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentorum ac leguminem” published by Christian Egenolff.

Stanislaus of Szczepanów

Roman Catholic Saint Stanislaus the Martyr was born on July 26, 1030. He was the Bishop Kraków, and canonized by Pope Innocent IV on September 17, 1253. He is the Patron Saint of Poland, Kraków, and moral order.

I love that saints are given jobs, don’t you? Oh you were extra good in life, here is an extremely tedious job monitoring adherence to rules that humans are notoriously terrible at following and you will have it for eternity. Where can I sign up?

Saint Stanislaus

July 23rd: It’s Hard to Hold a Candle in the Cold November Rain

Increasing size of antlers year on year in different European game species, 1891 illustration

July 23rd is the 204th day of the year. As mentioned yesterday, tonight is the full moon. July’s full moon is known as the Buck Moon indicating that we have reached the time of year for new antlers to start growing on the heads of bucks. I guess I knew they shed them, but truthfully, that bit of trivia was lost to me. It is really kind of an amazing process. I feel like I should start cultivating some sort of physical transformation for the changing season too. I guess I could stop cutting my hair and shaving my legs, but it won’t be nearly as impressive. Maybe if I also stop cutting my nails. That should make for an interesting Thanksgiving.

Speaking of unruly tangles, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t also tell you that today Slash turns 56. Put November Rain on repeat, and wave around your lighters.

Pee Wee Reese

Major League Baseball shortstop for the Brooklyn and LA Dodgers, Harold Peter Henry “Pee Wee” Reese was born July 23, 1918 in Ekron, Kentucky.

Pee Wee Reese displayed in a trading card manufactured by the Bowman Gum Company, 1954.

July 22nd: Approximate Pies with Spoons

Animation of the act of unrolling a circle’s circumference, illustrating the ratio π. John Reid.

July 22nd is Approximate Pi Day (i.e. 22/7 = 3.14 or approximately π).

While we wait for tomorrow’s full moon, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to eat approximately an entire pie, and make a list of your favorite spoonerisms.

Don’t fool around with electricity.